In partnership with the Georgian National museum, we organise one museum trip per course as part of our core curriculum for children aged seven to 13, for no additional charge.

During a museum trip your child will:

  • experience classroom teaching brought to life
  • learn about their national cultural heritage
  • practice their English language skills in a real life setting using learning materials that have been covered in class
  • developing thinking skills including problem solving, enquiry, observation and understanding
  • learn in an environment where everybody feels that they are able to participate
  • developing social skills outside of the teaching centre environment.
  • enjoy a positive English language learning experience

The fascinating collections of paintings and sculptures at the Georgian National Museum offer students with a holistic learning experience, unique experiences, insights and the opportunity to learn about art and culture.

We believe that trips to museums and galleries help learners enhance their social, personal and emotional development, improve their language skills, and build confidence and independence.