The British Council has developed a range of online English language courses suitable for private companies, government ministries and other organisations who need to improve the specific language skills of their workforce. These courses will enable you to develop your employees' English for specific purposes, which is a must in today’s competitive environment.

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LearnEnglish Pathways

LearnEnglish Pathways

LearnEnglish Pathways is a series of eight self-study courses for adult learners of general English at A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels of the Common European Framework.

Each course is between 30 and 45 hours long and aims to develop learners’ language through a variety of interactive online lessons. The courses are designed for self-study and require little or no support.

A course is made up of six units each focusing on a different theme (e.g. family, travel, jobs and culture), which is explored through audio recordings, text, images and video. 

Each unit is divided into five sections which contain activities that include quizzes, gap fill, drag-and-drop, matching, grouping, etc. The sections finish with a round-up and a mini test.

LearnEnglish for Tourism and Hospitality

LearnEnglish for Tourism and Hospitality

LearnEnglish for Tourism and Hospitality is a series of 20-hour English language learning courses for adult learners between A1 and A2 on the Common European Framework.

The courses are suitable for learners working in a variety of frontline tourism roles, who need to communicate confidently with English-speaking visitors and tourists.

In each course, participants learn and practice using a wide range of functional language and specific vocabulary related to different roles in the tourism and hospitality sector, such as hotel and catering staff, taxi drivers, police and security personnel.

Following nine courses and available for online, face-to-face or blended delivery programmes:

  • LearnEnglish for Tourism Basics (A1)
  • LearnEnglish for Tourism Foundations (A1)
  • LearnEnglish for Catering Staff (A2)
  • LearnEnglish for Taxi Drivers (A2)
  • LearnEnglish for Policing (A2)
  • LearnEnglish for Tourism Essentials (A2)
  • LearnEnglish for Tourism Plus (A2+)
  • LearnEnglish for Hotel Staff Essentials (A2)
  • LearnEnglish for Hotel Staff Plus (A2+)

LearnEnglish for IT

LearnEnglish for IT

LearnEnglish for IT is a 50 hour course aimed at adult learners of English at B1 level on the Common European Framework. It is also suitable for confident A2 level learners.

The course aims to develop learners’ language and skills through a range of tasks related to the workplace in which knowledge of IT plays an important role.

Learners focus on different IT skills and applications for solving problems. They also learn about grammar, vocabulary and language necessary for communicating confidently and effectively in English.

The course includes the following modules:

  • Background to IT
  • IT at work
  • A digital world
  • Past, present and future