We embark on the Museum without Walls regional programme along with Turkey and Ukraine.  The Museum without Walls is a virtual space which can be accessed by anyone having an internet connection. And we strongly believe that the digital is becoming the new safe space for mutuality, understanding and dialogue.

By embarking on this online project we want to emphasise the power of the digital to

  • bring down physical borders and barriers;
  • engender dialogues between cultures;
  • enable a sense of community and belonging;
  • create a common language that would appeal to anyone and anywhere.

In Georgia, The Museum without Walls programme is part of our UK/Georgia 2019: New Horizons.

The British Council offers an opportunity for three curators and art professionals from Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine to jointly curate our digital exhibition platform 'Museum Without Walls'. ‘Museum Without Walls’ has successfully hosted three exhibitions, bringing together works from the British Council Collection and from artists from Turkey. The platform has been awarded with multiple Golden Spider Web Awards, including ‘Best Website of the Year’ and a Silver Medal at the International Design and Communications Awards. 

We are delighted to announce that Teona Burkiashvili (Georgia),  Seyhan Musaoglu (Turkey) and Tetiana Kochubinska (Ukraine) will work together on the fourth exhibition of the digital platform. They work together collaboratively to curate one final, cohesive digital exhibition under the guidance of Ying Tan (Curator, Visual Arts, British Council) on under the title ‘Almost There’. The selected curators also have the opportunity to travel to the UK and different countries to work together collaboratively but also alongside experienced arts professionals from the British Council to develop their exhibition concept, digital knowledge and international networks. Curators will make individual proposals based on a draft list of works from the preselected list of works from the or their own take from the Collection as well as local artists. Please keep in mind that these worklists will be subject to change and evolve, but curators will be expected to work on one, cohesive digital exhibition together. 

A digital exhibition with artworks from British Council Collection as well as Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine
Curated by Teona Burkiashvili, Tatiana Kochubinska, Seyhan Musaoğlu.

Almost There is a digital exhibition which is constructed as a circular, non-linear journey for the fourth edition of Museums Without Walls. Artist works have been selected from the British Council Collection as well as from Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine collaboratively. Their works question all states of human existence, whether physical, mental, political or ritualistic.

The exhibition is divided into three separate chapters which can be experienced in a cyclical manner. Artists provide an insight into the contemporary human condition by reflecting on displacement, both physical and metaphorical as a result of emotional and political borders.


Location is a chapter of the exhibition devoted, in part, to nature. They trace back to primordial landscapes and the presence of human beings within it. The works are trying to map out a sense of belonging in relation to a specific place. This section considers this idea of place as seen through historical roots, environment, political climate, and traditional storytelling. The works united in Location allows us to think about the possibility of choice and our own bodies in the context of a place. It questions both the stability and instability of borders, both physical and psychological, against a background of ever-changing political landscapes.


This part of the exhibition shows passageways in flux. It is a bridge between location and dislocation, the other two sections of this digital experience. The works convey the urge of being in movement. Here, artists show us that transformations are visible within oneself and their surroundings. Changing landscapes and daily rituals move in a circular movement, like the passing of time and space. Artists depict layers of change in both spiritual and physical means. The human body is used as the material, which can be found within the performative elements in this non-linear story-line. The works propel the narrative, which takes us to the next chapters.


Dislocation looks at artworks which deal with the urge to escape. Artists in this section are grappling with themes of constraints and borders, whether clear or. Here, works emphasise notions of separation, displacement, inner and outer space as well as familiar and re-imagined landscapes. The stories they collectively tell are intertwined together, reflecting the ways in which physical and spiritual experiences transform us. So, the journey or cycle of this curated chapter can continue in an open-ended way. 

Please, click on external links to see the previous digital exhibitions.

Seyhan Musaoğlu

She is an initiator, sound artist and performer as well as a curator and founding director of Space Debris; an independent art space with a focus on innovative dialogue with a collective soul.

Musaoğlu holds her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Brandeis University with high honours and received her Master’s of Fine Arts Degree from Parsons, New York. She has also exhibited in numerous galleries in New York, Boston, Istanbul, Tokyo and Curitiba. In 2009 Musaoglu founded the sound, new media & performance festival {SØNiK}Fest in New York City and organised and curated it until 2012. She served as the art director at Broadway 1602, New York for four years, then founded Space Debris in Istanbul in 2014 where she still works as curator and director. She works between New York and Istanbul.

Tatiana Kochubinska

She is a curator, researcher and lecturer from Ukraine in charge for programming the Research Platform of the PinchukArtCentre (Kyiv) conducting research and curating exhibitions. In her curatorial practice, she focuses on questions of responsibilities, memory and reconsideration of artistic phenomena bridging the latest Soviet past with today. She curated PinchukArtCentre Prize in 2015 and 2018 and co-curated Future Generation Art Prize in 2019 and the FGAP@Venice as a collateral event of the 58th Venice Biennale.

Teona Burkiashvili aka Teo Burki

She is a visual artist from Georgia. Currently, she is undertaking an MFA at Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts London.

Her core practise is concentrated principally, within the investigation of the visual overload and random everyday pop-up imaginary. Her interest spans the fields of painting, moving image, advertising, art education and philosophy, employing multidisciplinary attitudes and transmedia methodology. As an independent artist and curator, she had been participating in various art projects and exhibitions such as ‘Avatar-Yes’ (CASB open call winner), ‘We are, here we are’ at Apiary Studios and ‘Tate Exchange’ collaborative interactive program at Tate Modern.

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