The UK/Georgia 2019 is our programme of events and activities which will run from September – December 2019 to celebrate the cultural connections between both countries. 

Our objectives 

The UK/Georgia 2019: New Horizons aims to reach new audiences, broaden horizons and foster cultural exchange and the flow of ideas. 

Our top three objectives are to: 

  • use the arts and creative industries to enable young people in Georgia (aged 18-35), particularly women, to gain the skills, resilience and opportunities to find pathways to better lives
  •  create greater opportunities for collaboration in the creative industries between the UK and Georgia 
  • enable the mainstreaming of work by disabled artists and to promote inclusivity in the arts sector in Georgia.  

What's happening?

There will be a mix of exhibitions, festivals, film screenings, skills workshops, master classes, panel discussions and lectures in music, film and performing arts. Where possible, we will share content online so as many people as possible can get involved in the season. 

We’re planning an exhibition on the only existing coin of David the Builder, the first Georgian King, loaned by the British Museum. The exhibition will be curated by British and Georgian curators at the National Museum of Georgia. Date to be confirmed in 2019. 

How to get involved: