Future English Online Teacher Community is our new peer-led online platform for English language teachers. The platform provides a forum where teachers can engage in new ideas and relevant discussions, share knowledge and experience, reflect on their practice and take part in research.

The Online Teacher Community platform (OTC) gives opportunity to teachers to register and create an account and engage in their country group activities as well as the wider platform activities. 

On the OTC platform, teachers can engage in the following activities: 

  • moderated forum discussions (topics for forum discussions are selected to meet the needs of teachers and are part of a set programme of key topics and issues)
  • webinars delivered by ELT experts (British Council trainers, external UK guest speakers, country guest speakers, local facilitators etc.)
  • live sessions and discussions
  • development of personal e-portfolios
  • action research, by following an interactive course while conducting a piece of research into their own practice.

Teachers can interact at different levels:

  • Smaller local virtual groups, created according to the relevant municipalities to stay connected and engage in regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities at all times.
  • Connect with other groups and other teachers within a larger ‘country’ group through forum discussions and webinars specific to teachers’ needs.
  • Interact on the wider platform with teachers from other countries through regular bi-weekly webinars and Special Interest Groups, which teachers join based on their areas of interest, experience and specific classroom context.

 Online Teacher Community (OTC) Georgia project

In Georgia, the Future English Online Teacher Community platform will provide an opportunity for all English teachers to engage in meaningful continuing professional development with the support of online communities of practice for 18 months. The Pilot will form the main part of the new partnership project with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and The National Center for Teacher Professional Development which will provide teachers in the Georgian education context with a range of professional development opportunities and will also enable the education authorities to adopt the successful model and features of Online Teacher Community Platform in the design of the unified national platform, for all subject teachers "Education e-House".

The specific outcomes of the project are as follows:

  • Teachers are engaged in Communities of Practice in support of their professional development
  • Teachers accept the idea of self-development and take ownership of their own CPD
  • Through OTC engagement, teachers meet the obligation set within school based professional development standards that supports their career progression and obtaining higher level teacher status within the National Teacher Professional Development and Career Progression Scheme.
  • A pool of teacher education Facilitators is developed across the country. Facilitators will have the important role of supporting a local online community of practice.

In recognition of the project participants’ hard work, the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Center for Teachers Professional Development will make sure all teacher activities including training courses and engagement on the platform are acknowledged within the obligations set out in school-based professional development standards of the National Teacher Professional Development and Career Progression Scheme.

For more information, please see the 'მასწავლებელთა ონლაინ საზოგადოება - საქართველო ინფორმაცია პროექტის შესახებ - Online Teacher Community - Georgia, Information on the Project' document below.

For more information about how to take part in the OCT Georgia project please contact  British Council Georgia Office