The Future English Online Teacher Community (OTC) is a peer-led online professional development platform for English language teachers in Central Asia, South Caucasus, Western Balkans and Ukraine.

The platform is a unique, borderless, digital home for thousands of English language teachers across the above-mentioned regions, where they can meet each other, share experience and knowledge, access synchronous and asynchronous learning, and document their development in a safe space facilitated by trained facilitators.

The platform also enables teachers to gain integrated access to relevant British Council and other UK ELT sector resources, and discuss and share innovation and other issues through small and larger communities of practice.

There are also Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which allow teachers to connect with other teachers from all the participating countries to deepen their knowledge of a particular area.

The working language of the programme is English and a minimum English proficiency level of B1 is required.

The OTC platform is currently available to school teachers in the general education system in Georgia, who are citizens of Georgia.

To learn more more about the programme and how you can join, please contact Maya Darchia, Project Manager at