We strengthen ties between Georgia and the United Kingdom in the Arts, English, Higher Education and Society. We provide educational opportunities to Georgians in English for individual and professional development, and administer examinations and tests from the UK. 

Last year, over 75,000 people took part in our programmes or activities with a further 155,000 using our digital services, including English language resources.    

In English, we provide courses to learners through our Tbilisi Teaching Centres and administer internationally recognised examinations or tests. We are working with the Ministry of Education and other partners to provide continuous professional development for teachers. 

In the Arts, we showcase contemporary works from the UK, and develop skills for the creative sector. 

In Higher Education, we build links between the UK and Georgia’s higher education sector, in areas such as industry/university links and the internationalisation of higher education. 

In Society, we work with the Academy for Peace and Development to provide access to decision-making for disabled people as part of a six-nation European Union-funded project called IDEAS. 

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