By British Council in Georgia

15 March 2022 11:29

'The most challenging part for me was the first module where I acquired a lot of knowledge on teaching lexis and phonology’.

Meet Ketevan Sabiashvili, a very motivated and supportive TAGs (Teacher Activity Groups) facilitator involved in our project ‘The Learning Hubs: Improved Skills for Stronger Societies’. She shares her experience and talks about the benefits of being a part of this project, about the professional development the British Council enabled her to achieve.

I came across British Council’s open call last summer and I was astonished by it at the very beginning. So, I decided to face this challenge, I filled out the application form and wrote a letter of my motivation. Finally, I was selected. Firstly, British Council offered me and all participants a training course to become a facilitator and I joined the project named 'The Learning Hubs: Improved Skills for Stronger Societies’.  I became one of the TAGs (Teacher Activity Groups) facilitators and thanks to this opportunity I am conducting several TAG sessions with teachers from different schools. That has turned out to be the greatest experience for me.

As part of my involvement in the project British Council also offered me TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Preparation Course to gain an internationally recognised certificate in teaching. I was very glad to have this chance of taking the Cambridge Assessment Exam TKT, the test of the skills needed to be successful in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

As for this course, the most challenging part for me was the first module where I acquired a lot of knowledge in teaching lexis and phonology.  After taking a test I got high scores in all three modules. This is my first international certificate in teaching, and it enriched my knowledge greatly. I am very grateful to the British Council that gave me a wonderful chance to grow professionally as a teacher and as a facilitator both.


The ‘Learning Hubs: Improved Skills for Stronger Societies’ is a three-year programme that will develop young people’s skills so that they can build confidence and have better access to educational and career pathways in the future.

It will support the development of cohesive, stable and prosperous communities in five Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, including Georgia, by building resilience and developing diverse skills.

The British Council has designed and developed the programme, with funding from the UK Government. It will also implement the programme with the support of its partners in selected isolated communities of each EaP country. Male and female young learners will gain equal access to the opportunities provided by the programme.