We are introducing new modular 20-credit courses, which feature a pre-booked timetable for your convenience and steady progress. Our expert teams will curate your personal learning journey, keeping you on track to achieve your goals. We have carefully put together a series of lessons to ensure that the topics covered maximise your progress.

These courses are open to learners from A2 level and are delivered in our classrooms.  They cover two learning pathways — Workplace English and Social English — to help you build confidence in day-to-day communication or at work.

A timetable to follow

With a modular timetable, all your lessons for the duration of the course will be booked for you - no need for you to book individual lessons. This guarantees your place on the course, providing you with a consistent group of fellow students and a dedicated teacher.

Our modular course times might vary depending on the students' levels, and new classes are opened on demand

In addition to regular lessons, you will also be able to book clubs — free sessions that cover a wide range of themes to boost your knowledge of grammar, practice speaking and pronunciation, foster your language learning progress, and meet students from other courses and even countries. 

Get set for success

MyClass modular offers packages of 20 credits. Each lesson lasts for 90 minutes and costs one credit. The cost of one package is 580 GEL.

Loyalty discount applies for all consecutive purchases.