English Clubs is an initiative that will develop young people’s skills so that they have access to stronger employment opportunities in the future. It also aims to increase understanding and acceptance of tolerance, mutuality, dialogue and gender equality among the wider community which will support broadening of horizons of young people and being open diverse views and opinions.

In Georgia, two new English Clubs were established in 2018-19 in Rukhi and Tkviavi Community Centres of the Public Service Development Agency.

English Clubs are fully funded by the UK Government. British Council is partnering with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports; Ministry of Justice; State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality; Public Service Development Agency, National Centre for Teacher Professional Development and English Teachers Association of Georgia to implement the project and to contribute to the security and stability in the remote communities of Georgia.

Programme aims:


 ●     To equip young people with better English knowledge and skills to help them with personal growth and better career opportunities.

●     To build confidence and offer new perspectives.

●     To increase understanding and acceptance of tolerance, mutuality, dialogue and

gender equality through soft skills, such as debating, negotiating and dialogue (DNDs).


 ●     To use the UK’s experience and resources by helping hundreds of English language teachers develop their confidence, skills and knowledge.

●     To initiate the Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs) to provide a platform so teachers can come together to discuss new ideas, teaching practices and local needs.

●     To enhance professional development and help teachers become Community Change Agents. 

New English Club locations in 2018/2019

  • Tkviavi Community Centre of the Public Service Development Agency.
  • Rukhi Community Centre of the Public Service Development Agency.

Activities in 2018/19

8-9 December 2018 and 22-23 December  2018 - Change agents training sessions

13 December 2018 - Opening of the English Club in Tkviavi

15 December 2018 - Opening of the English Club In Rukhi

22-23 December 2018 - Dialogue, Negotiations and Debating (DND) training of Trainers course hosting for the participants from South Coucasus Countries

8-20 January 2019 - Cascading of the Dialogue, Negotiations and Debating (DND) training  of trainers in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi

15-18 January 2019 and 22-23 January - Cascading of the Change agents training sessions

English Clubs in Georgia

1000 students and 450 teachers have access to English Clubs activities. English Clubs are equipped with teaching and learning resources; while learners will have access to two courses:

  • English for Communication: an intensive English language programme focusing on verbal communication skills
  • Debating, Negotiating and Dialogue (DND) Skills

Teachers are equipped with the skills, knowledge and resources to run exciting and engaging innovative club activities to develop confidence and fluency in English. In addition, we are piloting new ways of teacher support and mentoring through the use of a video observation platform to provide high-quality teaching and engagement in remote areas.

Project Duration:

The project activities took place between December 2018 and March 2019 for its first phase of the English Clubs programme.