How to use the site

Use online Learning Hubs anytime and anywhere. On your mobile or tablet, or at a laptop. You don’t need to log in or give your details: just come in and have fun. 

To start, click on any unit you like. You’ll get activities to start thinking about a topic. Then you’ll get an amazing video about something interesting. It’s in English, at a level you can follow easily. There are more activities that help you build up your language skills. Watching and doing all the activities will take about 10 to 15 minutes.  After that, there’s a fun project you can do. This builds up your skills even further. 

Learning Hubs are good for your English. They’re for cool things you want to learn about. Technology. Health. Lifestyle. Clothes. Science. Cities around the world. You can follow the issues and the interests of young people everywhere. 

You can get a digital certificate after every unit. It will show your name and say what you have learned. You can share it online or print it out. If you do want to get certificates, you have to give your name and a password. Your personal data is safe, we don’t share your details with anyone. Your name only turns up on a digital certificate. If you don’t want certificates, that’s fine. Just enjoy the activities. 

The online Learning Hub will help you towards your goals at school and in life. Please share it through your phone and channels, and tell your teachers and friends.