Thursday 22 October 2020
15:00 to 16:00
Facebook LIVE session

Our Creative Spark: In Conversation with Entrepreneurs online sessions introduce the participants to successful entrepreneurs, who share their advice and experience on creating your own business. This online session will introduce our audience to two intellectual property experts from the UK.

Would you like to understand what is Intellectual Property, and how copyright, trademarks, patents and designs differ from one another? Would you like to explore why IP is important, how it can protect your creations and where to find out more? Join our Facebook live session on 22 October at 15.00 with leading experts from the UK.

Our next session is on 22 October with two speakers from the UK, titled "In conversation about Intellectual Property".

About the speakers:

Nardié Daniel

Nardié is an Intellectual Property Law Fellow at the World Intellectual Property Organisation. With graduate British qualifications in both Law and Business Management, she has spent much of the past decade in corporate and legal sectors within the Commonwealth jurisdictions of the United Kingdom and the English-speaking Caribbean. As an ardent supporter of Intellectual Property education, Nardié actively aids the development of, and engages in, global initiatives at technical and capacity-building level, particularly for Developing Countries, Least Developed Countries and Countries in Transition.

Ben Snipe

Ben is a UK and European patent attorney and a founding partner at the firm, SC Patents. His day-to-day work includes drafting and prosecution of patent applications for a wide range of technologies, particularly for mechanical, software and medical inventions.

Debbie McDonnell (moderator)

Debbie has been the Intellectual Property Manager at the British Council since 2013 where she develops IP policies and provides training, advice and support on IP issues. She is an active member of the Museums IP network, the Copyright Community of Practice for Universities and the Government department Copyright Practitioners Group in the UK. Debbie holds a postgraduate diploma in the UK, US and EU Copyright Law from King’s College London.