student taking IELTS at British Council
young female taking an exam

The British Council ensures equal opportunities to all candidates, including people with special needs. 

Please note that for technical reasons special arrangements for computer-based exams are not on offer. Contact us to find out what arrangements can be provided for you during the exam.

Here are some examples of special arrangements that had taken place on previous exams:

  • Braille question papers and enlarged question papers for candidates with visual difficulties
  • Extra time for the written parts of the examination because of dyslexia, dysgraphia or dysorthographia
  • Administrative adjustments (e.g. headphones, computer, etc.)
  • Special needs CD for the Listening test
  • A lip-reading version of the Listening test

These are several examples but we are always open for discussion of arrangements to make the test accessible to you. Remember to inform the examinations department about any special needs you might have three months before the test date and provide relevant medical reports to support your application, so that we have enough time to make necessary arrangements.