The Learning Hubs: Improved Skills for Stronger Societies is a three-year programme that will develop young people’s skills so that they can build confidence and have better access to educational and career pathways in the future.

Five new learning hubs will expand our network of already existing 8 English Clubs in Georgia. The new learning hubs will be established at the Community Centres of the Ministry of Justice in Adigeni, Lentekhi, Mejvriskhevi, Sadakhlo and Shuakhevi. They will have all the necessary high-quality teaching and learning resources, technology, and self-study materials to engage with community learners and teachers. 

The existing English Clubs in Chakvi, Didi Jikhaishi, Kabali, Orsanitia, Rukhi Vale, Tkviavi and Tsalka will also be enhanced to Learning Hubs by equipping them with further supplementary high-quality teaching, learning and technology resources allowing them to engage also with the larger community.

Moreover, both existing and new Learning Hubs leaders will be supported to obtain necessary skills for establishing closer ties with their communities and also develop strategies for fund-raising contributing to the sustainability of the Learning Hubs.