By British Council in Georgia

12 March 2021 10:54

'My new English language skills are going to be an amazing advantage for me when it comes to further education and my future career.'

Narmin Khalilova, a student at Sadakhlo public school involved in our Learning Hub activities.

It was suggested by my teacher that I should take part in ‘Learning Hub activities’ and I was glad that I did well in my interview so I could secure a place. Originally we had three lessons in the Community Centre but due to Covid-19, we shifted to online zoom classes. I made the most out of lockdown and changed a lot due to the skills I acquired.

Through the Learning Hub activities, I gained much more confidence when it came to starting conversations with anyone. I went from being insecure when it came to talking in English to speaking more confidently and freely – really enjoying what I learnt. Often when speaking to friends from outside of Georgia, I would rely on a translator but this is no longer the case. My new English language skills are going to be an amazing advantage for me when it comes to further education and my future career.

Besides demonstrating my new English skills, I really enjoyed collaborating with and helping other students. I learnt about a lot of things which made me think much more independently. Apart from improving my conversational skills, I strengthened my ability to debate, discuss, negotiate and enquire. We also learnt about gender equality, online safety, our digital footprints, climate change, protection from Covid-19, peace and tolerance, bullying, critical thinking, children’s rights and child protection.

The most difficult obstacle I had to overcome was my shyness. Because I knew that if I hadn’t overcome my shyness, I wouldn’t achieve anything. I’m amazed with how much new knowledge I have acquired and I guess, my parents and my teacher are proud of me too.


The ‘Learning Hubs: Improved Skills for Stronger Societies’ is a three-year programme that will develop young people’s skills so that they can build confidence and have better access to educational and career pathways in the future.

It will support the development of cohesive, stable and prosperous communities in five Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, including Georgia, by building resilience and developing diverse skills. 

The British Council has designed and developed the programme, with funding from the UK Government. It will also implement the programme with the support of its partners in selected isolated communities of each EaP country. Male and female young learners will gain equal access to the opportunities provided by the programme.