By British Council in Georgia

11 March 2020 10:16

It has become clear to me that some tangible, important steps are being made in the right direction and I would be delighted to be a part of them

From the very beginning, young people were at the heart of the Season’s programme. Baya Kvitsiani, UK/Georgia 2019 Season Youth Board Member and General Director of fashion brand Dalood, tells us how she got involved with the programme and what the Season means to her.

Her story began in 2003 when due to keen interest and passion towards arts, she enrolled at the faculty of Arts History of the Theatre and Film University of Georgia. Soon afterwards, she learned how difficult it was to get a job as an art historian or critic. At the time, Georgia was shifting from its post-soviet era towards modern ways of doing business. In this new reality, English language, business and managerial skills were much more in demand than art or creativity. 

That’s why in 2008, Baya finished a pre-master’s programme in London and soon after completed her master’s degree in Human Resource Management at European Business School in London. 

Since her return to Tbilisi, she started a family business together with her sister and developed several very successful projects. Baya has managed to turn Dalood, a brand born out of pure enthusiasm, into a well-structured, team-orientated, mission-driven and profitable international company. 

She was interested in becoming UK/Georgia 2019 Season Youth Board Member for a number of reasons: “ British Council has provided Georgia and the entire region with numerous cultural and educational opportunities, for which we will be forever grateful. The UK/Georgia 2019 Season serves a similar purpose – it celebrates our long-lasting friendship by sharing the cultural knowledge and experience. As for myself, being a Georgian educated in arts and business who has also spent many years in the UK, I was certain I had the experience and background that would contribute to the programme. Another reason to apply was the way this season’s programme examines and promotes inclusive arts, identifies the current problems, challenges and seeks viable solutions. I believe that involving young Georgian people and spreading the word is paramount in bringing about positive change in Georgian culture and education'.

As a result, Baya decided to take some time off from business and get more actively involved with the cultural and educational scene of Tbilisi. ‘It is worth mentioning that this recent decision has been inspired by the Season.  It has become clear to me that some tangible, important steps are being made in the right direction and I would be delighted to be a part of this’. 

About the Youth Board and the programme

UK/Georgia 2019 Season Youth Board is a group of ten aspiring young leaders with an interest or background in arts, culture and UK/Georgia cultural relations. The members of the Youth Board act as ambassadors to the UK/Georgia 2019 Season and help shape the programme, ensuring that the season events and activities are demand-led and reaching young audiences.

The UK Season in Georgia celebrated the special friendship between the UK and Georgia. The season was a carefully curated programme of more than 60 events that ran from September to December 2019 and included events in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other locations across Georgia.