The season opened with the first-ever exhibition in Georgia of a remarkable coin from the time of King David the Builder.
Sunday 15 September 2019 10:00 to Sunday 15 December 2019 18:00

The British Council, in partnership with the Georgian National Museum and the British Museum, presents the coin with the image of King David the Builder of Georgia,  the most revered King in the country's history. This is the only remaining coin with his image that was minted during his reign (1089-1125). The coin is on loan from the British Museum and forms part of a thematic exhibition related to the King's achievements. The Curator of the Middle Eastern Coins from the British Museum attended the opening and delivered a series of lectures and talks. The Georgian National Museum delivers a series of lectures and workshops related to coins and the period of David's reign, as well as the UK-Georgia cultural relations.  A specially-created digital platform enables wider audiences to see the coin exhibit online.