We are running PlayUK in two cities in Georgia by presenting the best of British film industry to Georgian and international audiences in Batumi and Tbilisi through our partnerships with the Batumi International Art House Film Festival and Tbilisi International Film Festival.

Thousands of film-lovers will experience the best of contemporary UK feature and documentary films and the top-level capacity building programme for film-makers through our partnerships with the Georgian international film festivals over the festival days.

Thematically, PlayUK has many layers. In this turbulent world experiencing rapid changes and introduction unfamiliar formats of relations, our goal is to present films that celebrate human resilience and ability to seek answers and solutions in challenging situations.

PlayUK will celebrate the film as an art form, a medium adaptable to changes initiated by new technology. Film always changes and finds its way to continue bringing audiences together. This is something PlayUK will once again prove. More details to follow as the festivals dates get closer.

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