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Primary Plus: The best way for children to learn English and build confidence

Primary Plus is an English language course for kids aged 6 to 10 years old. Designed to spark your child’s imagination, our engaging lessons are led by qualified teachers. Together with our topical materials and fun learning environment, we help young learners become confident, happy and skilled English speakers. 

This rewarding learning experience combines:

  • personalised attention in lively group classes, led by expert teachers
  • interactive pre- and post-class activities on an easy-to-use online learning hub
  • a safe, supportive classroom environment.

Course overview

Age 6-10 years

Course length

Each instalment payment

Four instalments calendar

32 Weeks/96 hours


1 October 2024

one academic year: 


1 December 2024

1 October 2024 until 30 June 2024


1 February 2025


1 April 2025

The full cost for the academic year totals 2380 GEL.

The reservation fee: 200 GEL, this amount is non-refundable but will be deducted from the course fee.

Early bird discount - 5% - 119 GEL discount when the customer pays the first instalment of the course fee in full within 2 weeks from the start of registration. The discounted amount (119 GEL) will be deducted from the last payment.

Sibling discount: 119 GEL discount (from the academic year fee) for 2nd, 3rd, or more family members.

Please note that multiple discounts can be applied to a single student.

Immersive classes and expert teachers to boost English speaking skills

Your child will thrive in our classes. Our students:

  • spend lots of time speaking English
  • work in a small group and receive personalised attention 
  • have fun learning with classmates of the same age in groups and pairs
  • have a chance to build lasting friendships with classmates and practise English with learners from other countries.

Develop skills for life

Primary Plus helps your child develop leadership, collaboration and critical-thinking skills in a relaxed environment.

  • Learn how to work in teams
  • Communicate and collaborate with others 
  • Engage in familiar and intriguing real-world topics
  • Practise speaking in pairs and groups 
  • Work on projects and problem solving
  • Prepare for studying and working in a global world

The learning hub and your child’s progress

Our learning hub is a secure online platform that helps your child study independently and at their own pace, before and after class. This means class time is focused on improving their English-speaking and productive skills. Children can enjoy extra activities guided by their teacher, and parents can access data on progress. Find out more in our Parent centre.

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