General Information

How can I contact you?

Please follow this link to  Contact us

Where is your Teaching Centre located?

We have two Teaching Centres located in Tbilisi at the following addresses:

  •  34 Rustaveli Avenue
  • 1 Taras Shevchenko Street.

How can I enroll in your courses?

Please follow this link Book a consultation on the most convenient date and time.

Detailed instructions about the consultation will be emailed to you once you have completed the booking.

Do you have classes for all levels and age groups?

British Council Georgia Teaching Centre offers classes at each level and for all age groups. Once you have completed a placement test and attended a consultation, you will be placed in a relevant level and age group.

Please follow this link to book a consultation.

How are lessons conducted: Do you have online or in-class lessons?

Due to the preventative measures implemented against the Covid-19 pandemic, we offer only online classes at our teaching centre.

You will be able to opt for either online or in-person lessons once the regulations have been lifted.

Can you tell me more about your teachers?

Our teachers are highly experienced and internationally qualified (CELTA/DELTA qualifications).  They will do their best to help you get most out of our courses.

Do you have any individual lessons? 

We use the communicative method of teaching which has the best outcome in groups. The only language spoken in class is English. This allows you to improve your language skills through communication in English with your peers and the teacher.

If only individual lessons are acceptable for you, you can book EnglishScore Tutors – Personal English tutors here.

I registered on EnglishScore Tutors/English Online, but I have some technical issues. What should I do?

Please, be informed the EnglishScore Tutors/ English Online is the British Council’s global product and is not administered by British Council Georgia. For assistance, please use ‘Help’ button located on the platform.

I am interested in taking free English courses. What should I do?

British Council Georgia does not offer any free English courses, but the British Council has a wide range of free online resources to help adults, teenagers and children learn English. Please follow this link here for more information.

English for adults

British Council Georgia Teaching Centre offers general English and IELTS exam preparation courses to adults. You can find further information here.

When can I register to MyClass platform?

You can join MyClass platform anytime, but at first you have to book a consultation.

Where and how can I pay the course fee?

To make a payment for a course, please follow this link to contact our customer service and they will send you the bank details.

Will I get a certificate after finishing a course at British Council?

Yes, you can contact our customer service and request a certificate on completion of a course. 

English for young learners

From what age can my child take English classes at British Council?

British Council Georgia Teaching Center welcomes students from the age of 6 and above. To register, please book a consultation.

I am interested in courses for young learners. Where can I find the information?

Our courses allow your children to take the next step on their path to the bright future. We help them not only learn English, but also develop the core life skills they need to succeed in a global world. You can find detailed information here.

Will my child get a certificate after finishing the course at British council?

Yes, you can contact our customer service and request a certificate on completion of a course.

Where and how can I pay the course fee?

To make a payment for course, please contact our customer service and they will send you the bank details

Take an exam

How can I contact to your exams’ team?

Please email the Exams Department on:

Which IELTS test should I take?

If you are not sure which IELTS test you need to take, please, visit here.

Where can I see IELTS test dates?

You can get detailed information about IELTS test dates, fees and locations here.

How can I register to IELTS test?

You can book your exam online and access our free preparation materials today  here.

When and where can I take my IELTS or Cambridge certificate?

You can collect your certificate in our office at 34 Rustaveli Avenue from Monday to Friday 12.00 – 15.00.

Please, contact our customer service to check if your certificate is available.

I would like my IELTS certificate to be taken by the other person. What can I do?

If you want someone else to collect your IELTS certificate, please contact our Customer Service team. They will send you the third-party authorization form which must be filled before collecting a certificate.

How can I join your free IELTS webinar?

Updates regarding our free IELTS webinars are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where you will be able to find detailed information about the registration to any session.

Which Cambridge exam should I take?

Find an exam that suits your needs here.

Where can I find the Cambridge exams dates?

Cambridge exams are conducted three times a year: in March, June and December.

Detailed information will be posted here two months prior to each exams.

Teachers professional development

I am an English teacher and am interested in further professional development. Do you have any courses for me?

The British Council provides support for English language teachers from free online lesson plans to workshops and courses that are run with our Georgian partners. Please find more detailed information on our offers here.

Study in the UK

I am interested in exchange programs to the UK, what should I do?

The British Council Georgia does not directly administer exchange programs to the UK.

But you can find detailed information about studying in the UK on our website.

We can also provide you with the database of our education agents and advisors.