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Play UK at the Tbilisi International Film Festival presents a selection of the best new films from the UK alongside a strong workshop programme.

Play UK is a film industry capacity building initiative, complemented by a screening of the best new films from the UK, which connect with the themes and topics of the workshops. PlayUK aims to support the development of effective technical, management and business skills within the Georgian film sector and collaborations with the UK film representatives

PlayUK in Tbilisi



1-8 December 2019

Location(s): Amirani Cinema
Neil Brand's workshop  2 December 2019 
Times: 14.00-17.00
Location(s): Fabrika
Sorry, We Missed you - KenLoch, UK/France/Belgium, 2019  2 December 2019 
Times: 14.00
location(s) Amirani 1
Bait - Mark Jenkin, UK, 2019  2 December 2019
Times: 16.00
location(s) Amirani 1
Hope Gap - William Nicholson, UK, 2019 3 December 2019
Times: 14.00
location(s) Amirani 4

The Souvenir - Joanna Hogg, UK 2019



6 December 2019 


Amirani 1

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